Discover the TOP hiking trails around Poprad

Discover the TOP hiking trails around Poprad

The High Tatras region is one of the most visited in Slovakia. Tourists heading to this destination usually discover the beauties of the Tatra National Park and the foothills. Therefore, in several well-known places, they sometimes get used to forming huge groups of visitors. This has a negative impact on the landscape and nature.

However, we do not want to claim that in the High Tatras all the sidewalks are crowded. That wouldn’t even be true. However, if a place is popular, at the same time there is nice weather and tourists can move freely, there is a great assumption that you will not enjoy peace in nature. Therefore, we always recommend that you check the current situation in the local information centers, where you will be well advised by the best possible trip under current conditions. There are also lesser-known routes in each destination, but they can be as attractive, interesting and challenging as the more frequently searched ones. We also want to contribute to the #ObjavUdržateľnéSlovensko (#DiscoverySustainableSlovakia) initiative by pointing out these lesser-known routes.

Kvetnica and the whole mountain range Kozie chrbty provide wonderful views from the ridge.

Where to go hiking with amazing views and not be afraid of crowded sidewalks?

We have prepared for you a summary of TOP 5 hiking trails around Poprad that will catch your heart. We have deliberately chosen those that are not located in TANAP and most of the visitors do not know them. We focused on recreational routes in the Poprad Municipal Forests and the Kozie chrbty mountain range. You can also take a hike to the highest peak of this mountain, Kozí Kameň 1255 m above sea level. Some of the routes we have chosen are really popular with Poprad residents (Ascent to Zámčisko), but several of them are also a pleasant variety for locals.

Discover Kozie chrbty mountains

We will briefly introduce you to the area in which we have selected for you the TOP 5 hiking trails around Poprad. Kozie chrbty mountains stretch in an east-west direction, from Jánovce near Poprad to Kráľova Lehota at the confluence of Biely and Čierny Váh. From Poprad, the best starting point for hikes is the Kvetnica recreation area, less than 5 km from the city center. An interesting feature of Kvetnica is the Hranovnická dubina National Nature Reserve on the southern slopes. It is the northernmost area of winter oak in Slovakia. We must also not forget the main European watershed between the Baltic and the Black Sea, which passes directly through these mountains. Simply put, if it rains on the northern side of the mountains near Poprad, the water will gradually reach the Baltic Sea. However, if it rains to the south, the water will flow down the rivers to the Black Sea. It’s interesting, isn’t it?

TOP 1. Climb to the highest peak of the Kozie chrbty mountain range

The ascent to Kozí kameň (1255 m above sea level) begins in the nearby Lopušná valley behind the town of Svit. But how to get there? You can also go hiking directly from Poprad, but we definitely recommend you to start in Lopušná dolina near the ski resort, where you can get through the town of Svit.

You can also see such wonderful views from the Kozí kameň

The hiking trail itself has green markings from the beginning of the ski resort. From the Sedlo Tabličky crossroads, the markings change to blue.

TOP 2. A popular hike to the top of Zámčisko

Come with us to Zámčisko! Take a comfortable walk to one of the most popular destinations in Poprad.

The peak Zámčisko (921 m above sea level) is located in the recreational part of Poprad-Kvetnica. The green tourist sign will take you on a route from the Poprad railway station through the Starý Juh, Gánovce, Kvetnice housing estate and ends at the top of Zámčisko. The route is 11 km long and you can cross it in approx. 2 hours 30 min.

At the top of Zámčisko you will find a small shelter and an information board

A popular route is the ascent to Zámčisko directly from Kvetnice from a small lake along a green marked sidewalk.

TOP 3. The health circuit (Okruh zdravia) will charge you with energy

Lovers of beautiful nature will get their money’s worth at the Health Circuit (Okruh zdravia). Especially for its representation of diverse woody plants. The road leads through mixed mostly fir forests with beech, ash and spruce on the northern slopes, but on the south side of the hill you will find oak forests for a change. The sidewalk is marked with a yellow sign in the shape of a circle, starting in Kvetnický lesopark.

Chapel of the Resurrection under the Krížová peak in Kvetnica. An ideal destination along the Health Circuit route.

From the Health Circuit you can also get to the exceptional Chapel of the Resurrection at the top of Krížová 941 m. The walkway to the chapel is marked by a black cross on a white background. On the way to the chapel we have beautiful views of the Slovak Paradise, the Low but also the High Tatras.

The circuit is 4.8 km long and you will cross it in 1 hour. and 30 min. The entrances along the route are easily and quickly accessible to the bus stops.

TOP 4. Get to know less known routes to Kvetnica

The nature trail will take you through the unique territory of the city forests of Poprad, where you will find thermophilic oaks on the south side and conifers on the north, along with ash or beech. Such an environment is really exceptional and there are not many locations where you would find such a variety of trees in a similarly small area.

The route has 9 educational stops with information panels, while the sidewalk itself has sloping green markings.

TIP: On the route you will also find a small waterfall in KOLIESKA location. The route also leads through the highest peak in Kvetnica, Krížová hill 941 m above sea level.

Our TIP: If you find the route long, you can skip the Zámčisko location. We recommend that you start the tour in the area near the ANIMAL FIELD, where you will make a circuit and return.

TOP 5. Follow in the footsteps of the mining past of Kvetnica

Did you know that silver or copper were also mined at Kvetnica? On the route of the Mining Nature Trail, you will learn a lot of interesting information about the geology or mining works in Kvetnice. The mining history of Kvetnice is really rich. Get to know her with us.

Portal of the Silver mine in Kvetnica

On the route there are 5 information panels focused on the presentation of the mining route in Slovakia, or panels dealing with mineralogy and geology of Kvetnice. Copper ore and silver have been mined in Kvetnice since the 14th century. The original tunnels were excavated in an extremely strenuous way with a small hammer and iron. St. Helena Tunnel (mentioned as early as 1308) can be found just a short distance from the flooded quarry towards the center of Kvetnica. The Strieborná tunnel, which also has a repaired entrance portal, dates back to 1562. You can find it near the former fire station in Kvetnica. Kvetnica is also interesting for the occurrence of minerals, especially agates (approx. 250 million years old) in the quarries below the top of Zámčisko.


From Poprad, from the Poprad-Tatry railway station, a green tourist route leads through the town, which will take you comfortably to Kvetnica within 2 hours.

You can also get to Kvetnice by bus. The bus stop is called Poprad, Kvetnica, sanatorium. You can find connection options at

By car from Poprad, all you have to do is take the direction to Rožňava and you are there in less than 5 km.

Cyclists can use marked cycle paths from the JUH housing estates in Poprad.


If you are interested, we can provide you with a guide who will discover with you the most beautiful corners of the Poprad Municipal Forests and the Kozie chrbty mountains! Enjoy hiking tours to the top of Zámčisko (921 m above sea level), routes to the exceptional Chapel of the Resurrection at the top of Krížová (941 m above sea level), or a walk to the zoo. You will learn many facts not only from history, but also from nature.