Operating hours change

19. October 2020

Dear visitors! The Poprad City Information Office and the Tatran Cinema will be CLOSED from Saturday December 19, 2020 until further notice due to current measures. With the exception of weekends and holidays, we are at your disposal at the telephone number +421 52 16 186 and at the e-mail address info@visitpoprad.sk.

New logo VisitPoprad.sk

30. July 2020

VisitPoprad.sk logo in the transferred meaning portrays tourism and free time area in Poprad. The basic metaphor is representation of the GPS sign, which defines Poprad as the final destination of the journey. The biggest sign is in the center of Poprad – its main city district Poprad, on which are connected another GPS signs […]

Past events gallery

29. July 2020

“Sklo-Krištáľ” glass-cutting shop guided tour “Zizak” distillery guided tour “Tatras” microbrewery guided tour St. Egidius square and church guided tour Spišská Sobota city part guided tour