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Exhibition Galandovci

14. October 2021 — 3. February 2022

The Tatra Gallery in Poprad invites you to the Galandovci exhibition and their character interpretation of reality from the collections of Slovak galleries and private collectors. The exhibition will open on October 14, 2021 at 5:00 p.m. Curators of the exhibition: Milan Mazúr and Elena Porubänová. The exhibition will run until December 12, 2021.

Tatra Ice Dome 2021/2022

19. November 2021 — 19. April 2022

The icy appearance of one of the most important pilgrimage towns in Europe grew on Hrebienok in the High Tatras.Cathedral of St. James from Santiago de Compostela will be the original symbol of the end of the pandemic period and a new beginning that the public can admire from 19 November through the Tatra Ice […]

Exhibition Anjel Vianoc 2021

6. December 2021 — 28. February 2022

The Tatra Gallery in Poprad invites you to an exhibition of works by the traditional competition of children’s art in the Art Club of the Tatra Gallery Christmas Angel. The exhibition of works will take place from 6 December 2021 to 28 February 2022. Evaluation of the competition made available from 1 December 2021 at […]

Exhibition 150 rokov Košicko-bohumínskej železnice

8. December 2021 — 30. January 2022

In the past, the railway has an irreplaceable place in Poprad. On December 8, 2021, the town commemorates an important anniversary – 150 years since the arrival of the Košice-Bohumín Railway. It was a key impetus for the development of the city and the region. Thanks to the railway, the previously underdeveloped Poprad began to […]

For kids Janko a Marienka

23. January

Educational interactive performance with songs for children, but also adults about what happens or can happen when children do not listen to the advice of their parents. It also calls on parents not to leave their children unattended. It points out that even beautiful and tempting things can hide danger and also that at present […]

For kids Princezná na hrášku

30. January

Dramatic theatrical fairy tale based on motives by H. CH. Andersen There was once a prince who wanted to marry a princess, but he wanted it to be a real princess. And so he traveled the world to find such a princess, but there was an obstacle everywhere. There were plenty of princesses, but he […]


24. April

ANDER Z KOŠÍC + KONYARE 50 Years on stage

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