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Yesterday it all ended. Yesterday we all knew the Beatles. Today, however, only one person in the world remembers their songs. Two legends of British film, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle and screenwriter of legendary comedies Richard Curtis, have joined forces.

Not very successful songwriter Jack (Himesh Patel) wants to hang the guitar on the nail. Nobody listens to his songs except his best friend Ellie (Lily James). Everything changes when a bus collides with him during a mysterious global eclipse. Eclipse, among other things, will cause a music disaster. At the party that his friends have prepared for him to heal, the Beatles legendary song Yesterday. Nobody knows the notorious melody, the friends look like one of the most famous songs of all time heard for the first time in life. It could be a failed joke, but googl search behaves the same way. There is no mention of the Beatles as if they never existed. Jack senses his opportunity. All he has to do is recall all the hits of Liverpool’s legendary Beetles, and the world will be at his feet. And it works! Even so well that even the famous Ed Sheeran (playing in herself) who takes Jack as the opening act on his tour, recognizes that this boy from nowhere is more talented than himself. The joy of Jack is spoiled by just two “little things” – the consciousness of global fraud and the loss of Ellie’s best friend. She feels that she should finally stop loving him because her love is one-sided, and with a broken heart she sends him to L. A. to shoot the best plate of all time. But when you sing that all you need is love, it can suddenly change your priorities.


  • 5,00 € – adults,
  • 4,00 € - discounted.

Tickets can be bought:

  • online (Thursday 27. 06. 2019),
  • online (Friday 28. 06. 2019),
  • in Information Office Poprad.

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