Sharp knife – Made in Slovakia

Film screening

Sharp Knife is inspired by real events.

The neo-Nazis murdered Ľudovíts the only son. However, due to a malfunctioning court system, the same perpetrators are released and Ludo tries hard to arrest them again. He fights with the apathetic police, the opportunistic judge, but also the fact that he did not know his son enough and was not supportive of him. The more he blames himself for his death, the more his relationship with his wife, Zuzana and daughter Janka, falls apart. And the harder it is to try to intervene in the investigation itself. However, when he learns that there was no accidental attack by extremists behind his son’s death, but an organized criminal group, he realizes that he is opposed to his enemy. He will try to save at least what he still has – his own family.


  • 3,00 €.

Tickets can be bought:

  • online (Wednesday 31. 07. 2019),
  • in Information Office Poprad.

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