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LOVEnie, because everyone loves weddings.

Which girl wouldn’t like weddings! She can take beautiful dresses, have her wedding cake designed and take her husband’s heart. Well … most of them. Eliška did not succeed in the last part. Her wives said at the crucial moment… “No”. And he fled from the altar asking if she could move out by the end of the week. It can ruin a girl’s wedding.

But Eliška has a great friend, Paťa, who is action-packed and “does not do anything”, as well as an understanding mother, a great woman of action. They immediately have a solution and convince Eliška to move to her half-brother Richard for a while. Richard is a passionate beekeeper, eats a mouse at one table, and doesn’t want any spoiled babe in his apartment. But she has no choice, and Eliška no longer feels like a young girl. On the contrary, he feels like a train is running away. He has nearly thirty-five, is “single,” and has to live with a complete freak.

According to her friend Pati, only new acquaintance and sex will help. It is easy to make men like socks, to “knock” someone in the internet era. Left – Right. You want, you don’t. A beautiful woman snaps her fingers and has a guy two. And the world is full of free men! Although Eliška is more sensitive and this approach does not fit her completely, her train actually starts to leave and someone has to catch him.

It’s time to set up a dating site, and plunge into a blind date.


  • 3,00 €.

Tickets can be bought:

  • online,
  • in Information Office Poprad.

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