Rafting Day



We are not just an ordinary raft rental in Pieniny. We offer our refiners the best service and appreciate our clients. Here you can enjoy professional approach, rafts from well-known manufacturers, quality equipment, experienced and trained instructors and additional service. We offer one of the longest rafts at an exclusive price. Dunajec waves will lead you through the Pieniny coves and you will get beautiful memories of a fun-filled summer with a pinch of adrenaline. And that’s not all! In addition, you can relax in our chillout area, where we offer refreshing drinks, coffee or snacks. All this in a natural environment overlooking the Dunajec River. 

FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/raftingday.sk

Part of the town: Poprad (časť mesta)

Telephone: +421 944 567 755

Email: raftingday@raftingday.sk