Múzeum zimných športov vo Vysokých Tatrách tatranska lomnica


Winter sports museum in the High Tatras (Ski Museum)

SKI MUSEUM exposure in Tatranska Lomnica is dedicated to the history of the formation and development of winter sports in the High Tatras from the very beginning until 1945. Visitors to the museum through 19 educational boards learn a lot of interesting information about the beginnings of skiing, skating, curling, climbing, sledding, or bobsledding in the High Tatras. Each topic is accompanied by exhibits, which together with the text part provides visitors with the perfect image of how the High Tatras once seemed.

 The biggest attraction for visitors are 3.07 meters long ski from 1885, an exhibition of old beans that once roamed the Tatra bobsled. Lord’s certainly interesting workshop for the production of skis, ski poles and ski boots and gentler half again as it once dressed people.

Basic fee –  3,00 
Reduced admission fee –  2,00 : seniors over 60 years 
Reduced admission fee –  1,50 : pupils and students, holders of student cards, ZŤP 
reduced admission – 1,00 €: school groups of 15 children 
Free : children up to 6 years, accredited tourist guide with the group, one teacher as a parade of school groups of 15 children 
Use camera and camcorder – 1,00 

Openning hours: Daily from 9am to 6pm

Tatranská Lomnica 97

Part of the town: Poprad (časť mesta)

Telephone: +421 905 592 858

Email: info@skimuseum.eu