Rewards for Experiential Saturdays #VisitPoprad

Rewards for Experiential Saturdays #VisitPoprad

By collecting stamps to experience cards, you can get various interesting rewards:

  • if you collect at least 4 stamps (including the joker), you are included in the draw for super prizes.
  • if you collect at least 7 stamps (including a joker), you are not only included in the draw for super prizes, but you also receive an automatic reward.

The draw will take place on Monday 13 September 2021.

The experience card with stamps and a contact telephone number must be handed over LATER THAT SEPTEMBER 10, 2021 in the POPRAD CITY INFORMATION OFFICE (Námestie sv. Egídia 43/86 – Reduta building)

And what rewards can you look forward to?

In cooperation with our sponsors, you can look forward to fully attractive prices:

  • TOL confectionery:
    • automatic rewards for 7 stamps in the Experience Card:
      • Jelly Snakes 300 g
      • Jelly Bears 300 g
    • 3 bags full of sweets in the final draw on September 13, 2021
  • Kubkov Kopček:
    • automatic reward (for 7 stamps) vouchers for a small fruit ice cream, which will be valid until the end of September 2021
    • 3 vouchers “Ice cream or waffles for the whole family” worth € 15.00, which will be valid for the year
  • Tatra Express:
    • in the final draw on September 13, 3 packages in which the winner will find a mug, bottle, necklace, pen, USB flash disc, folding bus or travel pillow
  • Solus Dance Academy:
    • gift package
  • Canislog Poprad:
    • package for keepers of a dog
  • Podtatranské museum in Poprad:
    • in the draw 3 tickets for the whole family (2 adults + 2 children)
  • AquaCity Poprad:
    • tickets to the aquapark
  • Tatranská gallery in Poprad:
    • publications and gifts with the theme of da Vinci
  • Tatravagónka Poprad:
    • caps and in the final draw 3 packages with practical gift items, including an exclusive wagon model

We thank very much to all of our generous sponsors!

We, the City Information Office (MIK) Poprad and Kino Tatran Poprad, also contributed a little. We offer automatic rewards and prizes in the final draw on September 13, 2021:

  • for MIK Poprad:
    • book publication to the final draw
    • voucher for guided tour for the whole class
    • automatic reward (for 7 stamps) memory and coloring books with the theme of the city of Poprad
  • Tatran Cinema
    • vouchers for cinema tickets in the final draw

THE FINAL DRAW WILL TAKE PLACE ON SEPTEMBER 13, 2021. We will contact the winners by phone.

Personal data necessary for the draw of the competition are processed in accordance with current legislation.