Cyklotrasa č.1 strelnica na juh

Cycling route No.1 – Around Kvetnica

Poprad, Starý Juh → Obalovačka → Kvetnica → Strelnica → Poprad, Nový Juh

Cycling route No. 1 – Around Kvetnice has a total length of 7.8 km. It is one of the easier cycling routes and is also suitable for families with children. The start of the route is on Šrobárova Street (Starý Juh) behind the garages and after 2.2 km of easier cycling to Obalovačka. From Obalovačka road leads to Kvetnice – Maly Lom distant 1km. Kvetnica – Maly Lom is a suitable place for a little relaxation, replenishment of liquids or small refreshments. You can reach Strelnica on the marked route approximately 1km. (When crossing the other side of the quarry, be careful, there is no crossing for bicycles but it crosses the main road). From the crossroads at Strelnice turn right and on the cycling path about 3.6 km you get to Nový Juh.

  • Length: 7.8 km
  • Suitable cycling route for families with children
  • Vertical Drop: 70 m
  • Difficulty: Recreation
  • Surface: Asphalt, gravel

Poprad is located at an altitude of 672m.n.m, Obalovačka 715m.n.m and Kvetnica 713m.n.m. We will gradually publish cycling routes in Poprad and its surroundings.


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